Neo & Human socio-economy Px'09

2015-11-28 16.45.55

On Saturday 28 th November 2015, in Bolzano, in South Tyrol, monk Dada Madhuvidyananda took part in a convention organised by our cooperative Cosmic Mind, by AUM and another association called Human Economy.

A member of Human Economy was the first to talk about the destructive effect of the current economic system using slides and graphs to show and help understand how money is created and circulated by banks and the role interests on loans play in all this.

He also explained what kind of solution they are proposing and how they are spreading their message in schools, etc.

Afterwards Christian Franceschini spoke about Neo-humanism and its close relation to economy and Prout principles.

Finally monk Dada Madhuvidyananda told us about “Menschliche Welt”, the movement he has founded and the importance of implementing ideas and of taking responsibilities and duties in order to change our society for the better.

On Sunday 29th in a beautiful mountain site near Salorno, monk Dada gave a seminar on “Rational Thinking” which was very interesting and inspired us to organise more of these programs.



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